Going Green to Save Some Green – Installing Solar Panels to Reduce Energy Costs

Solar Panels

When it comes to aesthetics, associations in Florida generally try to maintain the uniformity of the community by making sure owners are staying consistent with the original design.  Minor alterations, modifications or additions are usually permissible but many decisions that would otherwise be within an owners control, such as the color of their house or installation of an outdoor enclosure, are often disallowed when one submits to association living.  So long as they are not selectively enforced, these aesthetic restrictions are justifiable because they help to preserve everyone’s property value by maintaining the integrity of the community, and with the economy the way it has been, homeowners certainly need to preserve every dollar of their property’s value.

So what about all this we hear about “going green”.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  That is of course until it shows up in the form of ugly black solar panels on your neighbor’s roof .  Under the aesthetic restrictions just discussed, you would think that your association would be able to preclude your neighbor from installing such an eyesore, right?  Wrong!  The Florida Statutes (section 163.04 for those scoring at home) specifically allow owners in HOAs and condos the right to install solar collectors on their home or on the roof of their condo free from any deed or covenant restrictions that the association would normally seek to impose.  If installed on a roof, the association is only allowed to determine the location where the solar collectors may be placed, but even then the location must be within an area with a southern orientation and the selected location must not impair the effectiveness of the solar collectors.

So it seems that just when you think the association has absolute control over aesthetics, renewable energy proves to be the higher power.

Daniel Wasserstein

E-mail: danw@wassersteinpa.com